JHATOR tells the story of a journey from loss and grief back to peace and joy.  It is told from a Buddhist perspective.  Sofia has suffered a series of devastating losses.  While attending the funerals for several family members, she finds herself plagued with a bitter taste that nothing can remove.  A year later, she frees a white snake trapped in her garden.  The bitter taste disappears and she discovers that she has been given a gift: she can understand the speech of animals.  The gift, however, comes with some heavy responsibilities.  The animals around her--always so much closer to death--teach Sofia how to live again.  Three animals in particular come forward as her physical guides:  Anat, the vulture, is a stern, mocking and sometimes terrifying teacher.  Anat, the doe, is a grieving, empathic mother.  Jet, her dog, is exuberant and gleeful, living moment to moment.  Each guide has a different lesson for Sofia as she struggles to love and help others find healing.