About me

I am a Buddhist, a shaman and a skeptic.  I have taught troubled teenagers in alternative high schools in Massachusetts for over 30 years.  I have always used the natural world as a meditation space and a source of inspiration. All these factors fuel my imagination and inform my writing.


My book

"Anat hissed, 'You stink so much of death it is too much--even for me.' She flapped her huge wings and was lifted by a brief, violent vortex over Sofia's head. Sofia cried out as she watched the gold chain and locket, snagged on a single claw, rise into the air with the carrion bird.  She lunged, stretching her fingers to snatch it back.  A thin gleam of gold flashed as the wind claimed the locket and tossed it far from Sofia's empty hand.  The vulture soared out of reach and disappeared into a black bank of clouds,

'Don't go,' whispered Sofia, tears and mucous smeared across her face."




Bonebelly sketch.jpg


A soul finds himself grotesquely transformed and dropped in the woods of Rhode Island to suffer in his own personal hell. He has no memory of who he was or what he did but he is cursed with a terrible hunger. Whatever he attempts to eat causes pain in his constricted throat and turns foul on his tongue except for one thing: human flesh. It occurs to the creature that if he can avoid this abomination, he might earn his way out of his private hell. One October night, in the midst of his lonely misery, the sounds of a great celebration drifts through the woods. Following the lights and music, he discovers a haunted attraction at a local farm. He falls in love with the theater of the place and considers the haunt actors "friends at a distance." Then one day, his partner in past crimes appears at the farm and Bonebelly's beloved haunters face a grave threat.

Coming in 2017