About me

I am a Buddhist, a shaman and a skeptic.  I have taught troubled teenagers in alternative high schools in Massachusetts for over 30 years.  I have always used the natural world as a meditation space and a source of inspiration. All these factors fuel my imagination and inform my writing.


My book

"Anat hissed, 'You stink so much of death it is too much--even for me.' She flapped her huge wings and was lifted by a brief, violent vortex over Sofia's head. Sofia cried out as she watched the gold chain and locket, snagged on a single claw, rise into the air with the carrion bird.  She lunged, stretching her fingers to snatch it back.  A thin gleam of gold flashed as the wind claimed the locket and tossed it far from Sofia's empty hand.  The vulture soared out of reach and disappeared into a black bank of clouds,

'Don't go,' whispered Sofia, tears and mucous smeared across her face."






Jet is a pharaoh hound, which means he is a sight hound (think ADHD in dogs).  He is intelligent with a wicked sense of humor. I made Jet one of the characters in JHATOR.  Many incidents in the book are based on Jet's escapades.  The Extortion Game, the cucumber theft and the wallet caper all really happened.  In fact, the Extortion Game is an ongoing drama that evolves as Jet ages. (Want to know what that is?  You'll have to read the book.)  He is now an old man of 11, which means he has slowed down to the activity level of your average Labrador retriever.